466242_british_money_2The biggest hurdle for any organization undertaking a project such as this, is in funding the production and initial print run.

The Classy Cobs were lucky to have secured the services of Jayne and Chris Birchall of BeautyPhoto.com for the Photography, Make-up,  Design and Website – free of charge.  And the girls were thrillled when printer Jeff Jones, of AJ Typesetters, quoted a figure that can only be described as “cost price”.

Even so, printing sufficient calendars to meet the initial demand has been made possible only by the kind sponsorship of the local companies listed below.  This means the entire monies raised from those initial sales will go to the charity with only a small amount held in reserve to cover the cost of additional print runs as the need arises.

  • 466244_british_money_4D.M.H. Tyres Limited
  • G. Jones Welding & Fabrication
  • David Evans – City Skips
  • D&M Jones Haulage Contractors
  • H2Only Ltd
  • Thorncliffe Building Supplies
  • Llaeth-y-Llan – Village Dairy
  • Wyn Thomas Plant Hire
  • Network She
  • Ecounique
  • Richard Owen
  • Stuart Ratcliffe Tyres

Thank you.  This calendar would not have been possible without you.

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